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Why We Include Professional Hair and Makeup In Our Boudoir Sessions

Hair & Makeup:

Professional hair and makeup is something that many women think of as a scary part of preparing for a boudoir session.

But there’s no need to stress out about your hair or makeup when you book a boudoir experience with us. Our beauty team provides professional hair and makeup and will help you create a look that perfectly suits your personality and gives you the look you want. We have worked with the same artist for over eight years to create a cohesive formula that looks amazing on the finished product/images.

But the truth is, we provide a unique opportunity for you to feel more comfortable and truly enjoy your session.

All of our clients are truly blown away at the transformation our hair and makeup services provided. Whether you are looking for super glam or a more natural approach, you can be guaranteed you will love the results, and we know when you look amazing you will FEEL amazing. That confidence oozes into your boudoir photo session. 

Take the stress out of doing your own hair and makeup

You can go home after your photo shoot feeling like you got that Kim K face.

Whether you love the Kardashians or not, I think we can all agree they know how to get camera ready. But what most people forget is that many of those gorgeous looks are completely created by professionals editing their images, applying cosmetics, and styling their hair.

Having your makeup applied by a professional artist can give you a look that is entirely different from what you expect to get when you apply it yourself.

Applying your own makeup can be fun, but every time you’re wearing it, you wonder if it looks as good as it feels. Our professional makeup artist knows her stuff, has years of experience applying cosmetics, and can help create looks that you didn’t even think was possible.

We have it down to a science.

A professional also knows how to create looks that suit each individual face type, which means your results will be stunning no matter who you are.

Let’s say you want a smokey eye, but you have small hooded eyes. So, you fear you won’t look good. Our makeup expert knows how to execute most visions and make it work for your individual features. She can also guide you as to what the overall finished product will be. You will never have to fear about your hair/makeup looking too cheap or harsh.

Lastly, we have our formula down to a science.

We are super proud of the images we create with our clients, and we have worked hard for over ten years to strike the perfect balance of glamour, sex, edge, and softness. We believe our hair and makeup team is a vital part of that formula so we don’t leave it up to chance. You can relax knowing that we have this part down to a science. 

Ready to book your very own boudoir experience?

Drop us a line, we would love to chat.

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