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Let’s Talk Props | OKC Boudoir Photography

We see that props truly do tend to take away from the focus of your boudoir session – you. We’ve photographed it all, and now it’s time for some real talk.

Props We Won’t Photograph:

Ok, so your significant other loves the Sooners and you want to wear his favorite jersey. We can take a few photos of you in it if that’s something you know your husband would really appreciate. We have had a handful of ladies bring in men’s shirts. Sure, we can take a couple of photos of you wearing it, but we prefer not to use a lot of time doing so. When it comes to oversized men’s shirts and jerseys, they are big, chunky pieces of fabric that will make you look bigger and bulkier than you actually are- and no one wants that. So keep that in mind!

Please, please, please do not bring any weapons or illegal items to be used as props (we don’t care if it’s fake – and yes, we have been asked this), or baseball bats, fishing poles, footballs, basketballs, traffic cones, hard hats, sex toys, etc. We will not spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how to pose with the prop you bring, as we would love to take those 30 minutes and put you in beautiful poses with stunning pieces of lingerie, or even just a sheet!

Things We Love:

Things & props we think are awesome and will be sure to incorporate into your session are ties, jewelry, sky-high heels, cute fitted band tees that we could cut or tear for sexy shots, eyeglasses, and many other creative and personal items.

Our general rule is, that it needs to add to your session – not take away from your beauty. If you have questions about this, always ask and we will give you an honest answer!

Check out our Instagram or TikTok for more inspiration for your session.

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