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Reconnect With Your Confidence | Modern Muse Studio

Sis, I see you doing all the things. You are a mom, a wife, a businesswoman, a business owner, a single parent, and sometimes SO much more. You’ve forgotten how to connect with yourself. As a woman, you may be looking to reconnect with the confidence you may have had years ago, or want to finally step out of your shell and build your confidence for the very first time.

To be honest… this ins’t the first time a client has come to us in hopes of restoring their confidence. We hear this daily. (We wish this wasn’t the case, but, we love that we are here to help you!)

Did you know that the meaning of boudoir goes beyond just a woman’s bedroom or private room? At Modern Muse Studio boudoir means to connect with one’s self in a powerful, intimate, and sometimes newfound way.

As you prep for your boudoir experience with us, you may be a little nervous about doing this in the first place. You may even think about rescheduling or canceling. (Ask us how we know.. because we’ve been in your shoes and we’ve talked to hundreds of clients over the years.) But, the beautiful aspect of boudoir is that we can truly meet you where you are at. We can help you connect with your mind, body, and soul. That can look different for every woman we photograph. Rest assured, we are with you every step of the way.

What Does A Boudoir Experience Look Like

We greet each of our clients at the front door of our studio space where we welcome you in with open arms. You will immediately feel at ease. When you come in we will ask you to pull out your outfits and talk to you about what you envision for your hair and makeup, what outfits you love the most, and more.

From there, our incredible artist, Ashley Tolman Beauty, will start her magic. We start with hair and end with a gorgeous makeup look that will have you feeling like a whole new woman. The moment you see yourself in the mirror you will be over the moon excited. You will begin your journey of regaining and reclaiming your confidence. Not only will you see that you look amazing, but you will feel amazing too.

From there we will go out to our detached studio space where both Christie & Ashley will be with you every step of the way from your outfit selection, every single pose from head to toe in fine detail. (We’ll never ask you to show us your sexy face. Instead, we will demonstrate the pose and make sure that you are perfect before we photograph you.) We will photograph you in 2-3 different outfit looks, possibly even in our sheet set if you are comfortable doing so!

After your session is photographed and you are feeling like you are on cloud 9 we will send you off for a coffee or lunch break while we will do a soft edit of your photos that will take approximately 90 minutes.

When you arrive back at the studio we will sit down with you to view your photos and select your favorites. This is by far one of our favorite parts of your day! We love to see our client’s reactions and they get to see just how incredible they look. You will feel so incredibly beautiful, confident, and excited about what you just accomplished! Once your package is chosen we will send you on your way. Then we will start the process of doing final hand edits on every single image you have chosen. Your gallery will be delivered in 72 hours!

The End Result – Confidence!

Boudoir is so much more than a photo shoot. It is truly an experience. Even though you will absolutely love the end result, you will forever remember how amazing you felt and carry newfound confidence with you wherever you go.

Many women now book their boudoir experiences for themselves. You don’t need to “gift” the photos to anyone. The best gift you can give yourself is a boudoir session solely for yourself because you are worth it. You will look back on your boudoir experience and be able to hold your head up high because you will truly see just how incredible of a woman you are. You will see yourself in a brand new light and realize what others see in you!

Are you ready to regain and re-boost your confidence? Let’s chat about your own boudoir experience.

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