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5 Tips For A Flawless Boudoir Session

HMU: Ashley Tolman Studio: Modern Muse Studio

We believe that your very own preparation is key to making your boudoir session flawless! We have 5 simple tips to ensure that your session date runs smoothly!

  1. Come in with a clean, moisturized face – this means that when you arrive to the studio in the morning you will have no makeup on.
  2. Come in with clean, dry hair – this is crucial to ensuring that your photos look incredible. Be sure to wash and dry your hair before arriving. For most of our clients we encourage them to not use any products once it has been cleaned and dried. If you have specific questions or needs for your hair just let us know, we love to help you figure out what will be best for YOU!
  3. Cut out all the tags from the outfits you will be wearing. You defiitely don’t want to see these in your photos! but don’t worry, if you forget we’ll take them out before your shoot.
  4. Wear loose comfortable clothing when you travel to and arrive at the studio – we want you to be comfortable and don’t want you to be in restrictive tight clothing. This means no jeans, no leggings with seams, no tight bras, etc. We ask this so that your clothing doesn’t leave weird lines on your body that are in difficult places to remove from your images, etc. You are more than welcome to bring extra clothes to change into after your session if you feel more comfortable doing that!
  5. Stretch – seriously. We can’t encourage this enough for all of our clients. We truly push the lines of your body and want you to be feeling limber and ready to conquer these incredible poses.

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