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Your Privacy Matters! | OKC Boudoir

Studio: Modern Muse Studio
Hair & Makeup: Ashley Tolman Beauty

We take your privacy very seriously. So, let’s talk about a few things you should know about working with a boudoir photographer.

Most Important Things To Consider

The most important thing when choosing a Boudoir Photographer is both your safety and your privacy.

We know there are a lot of Boudoir Photographers out there that maybe don’t take all of the measures they should when it comes to this.

We Ensure Your Safety.

We are an all-women-run business, and YOU are the most important thing to us. From the moment you walk in until the second you leave, you are our number one priority.

Our studio is based at a private residence with a detached studio space for safety and privacy. We keep the doors locked at all times to ensure maximum privacy & safety. We are always sure to meet you at the front door when you arrive for your session or reveal.

We Ensure Your Privacy.

We have curtains on all our windows in our detached space, We also step out of the room while you are changing to make sure you feel comfortable as well! We also make sure that you are covered in all the right places for your images, especially if you aren’t doing photos nude!

We also password-protect all of our equipment and galleries to ensure your privacy.

You Are In Control Of Shared Images.

When it comes to sharing your images (or not!), YOU are the one who makes that decision. When you book your session with us we will have you fill out a form where you will make the decision on whether or not to share your images. Some people love having their images shared by us, others don’t want any shared at all. Maybe you only want us to share anonymous images – totally fine, too! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

We would never share an image you weren’t comfortable with us sharing, and there is absolutely no pressure on our end for you to share any of your images at all! Your privacy matters more to us than being able to share images. Of course, we would love to show off your images to the world, but only with your permission!

You and your privacy are our number one priority, along with feeling 100% comfortable during the process.

Ready to chat with us about booking your experience? You can do so here.

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