Meet Christie&Ashley

Part Confidence dealers Part Magic Makers

Hello! I'm Christie! Since I am about to learn a whole lot about you, I thought it only fair you know a little about me. 

-I am part confidence dealer part magic maker.
-I love nothing more than to help women see the beauty within and step into their power. 
-I find inspiration in gorgeous light, humanity and world travel. 
-My superpower is making people feel instantly comfortable the moment we meet. Like old friends!
-I am a mama to the most beautiful 11 year old human and four (yes I'm crazy) Italian Greyhounds.

Hey Babe! I'm Ashley. I'm your biggest hype girl, seriously, ask our clients! I can't wait to welcome you into our studio and show you just how gorgeous you are. 

So, here's a little about me. 

- I found my greatest passion in life is to help women see their own beauty, and take back control of their thoughts, their beliefs, their confidence and their sexuality. 
- I find inspiration through conversation, and making magic with my camera. 
- My superpower is taking your doubts and turning them into self-love and confidence.
- I am a momma to a beautiful 6 year old and all our fur babies! 
- I can't live without my coffee and working out!

a few more things you should know: 

No 1

"We had a friendly competition with each other for years and now we've teamed up to create the very best boudoir photography studio in Oklahoma ."

We have a combined 20 years + of experience photographing the world around us. We've had thousands of clients come see us. But we've always wanted more. We knew that there was only so much as we could do individuals and we knew that we would have a greater impact and have more fun.

no 2

We knew that we would have a greater impact and have more fun doing it together.

Where our sole purpose is to empower women to celebrate their femininity, sensuality, and teach you to show up as your best damn self through a pampering, self-celebratory experience!

no 3

Maybe the most important decision we've ever made.

Because our greatest mission is to impact the most amount of lives we can through our combined experience, knowledge and passion.


The Studio

We created the coolest, most unique studio in oklahoma

Modern Muse Studio is located at our private residence in Oklahoma City, OK. The studio is a detached, dedicated space perfectly private for our clients. The classic boudoir side includes a modern canopy bed, oversized mirror, glossy concrete floors, sofa, an assortment of different colored linens, and more.  The portrait side includes state of the art studio lighting and multiple backdrop options to capture the most exquisite fine art images. The light is beautiful and the vibe is relaxed...the perfect place to be for a boudoir session. We can't wait to see you here!

 we believe

 we believe

The very best investment is in yourself.

"And if I asked you to name all the things you loved, how long would it take to name yourself"?

All bodies are worthy

No matter your size, your color, your gender, we believe that you are worthy of celebrating your body and your beauty.